Peter Barns

Author – poet – versifier, welcomes you to his site

Peter Barns - Author – poet – versifier, welcomes you to his site

7 Days In May

7 Days in May

by Peter Barns

How far would you go to save your family?
Marine biologist, Alex Winters, is about to find out.
When a secret experiment goes terribly wrong Dawn Winters is trapped, her life is in danger and Alex is the only one who can rescue her. While Alex battles to reach her, Dawn and virologist Sheena McKenzie make their own voyage of discovery. Until Gonzalez, an American mercenary arrives to clean things up for his paymaster.
And the bodies begin to mount.


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What people are saying:

Extremely well written and engaging.


If blood, gore, mutating viruses, cats gone to the dark side and goverment cover ups give you the heebie jeebies, then this book is not for you. I liked the author making the heroine of the plot , a young girl, discovering what she is capable of, her place in the world and in her widowed father’s affections. Even though the book focuses on the girl, it is not necessarily meant for younger readers. This book contains quite a bit of graphic violence. What it does not contain is cursing, name calling and other mind numbing trivilities, author’s sometimes use, when they can not think of anything intelligent to say. There are very few typos and grammatical errors, which was very refreshing in a free book. This a longer novel, 555 pages. It held my interset all the way through and reminded me a bit of John Soul and Robin Cook combined, yet with a flair all its own. I would have given it five stars except near the end, it became predictable. I wish I could have given it four and one half stars.


Just finished “7 days in May”. Nice one Pete!!!. Watch your back Stephen King.


I’ve read this too – it was a really good thriller


This reminded me of a James Herbert book, ‘The Rats’, though less gruesome.

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