Peter Barns

Author – poet – versifier, welcomes you to his site

Peter Barns - Author – poet – versifier, welcomes you to his site

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Ex con, Frank Collins, had a new life and a new love. Until the day his daughter’s suicide brings his whole world tumbling down. Determined to find out why his daughter had done such a terrible thing, he returns to a life he thought long behind him. Desperately trying to deal with emotions that threatened his new-found stability, he follows his daughter’s lonely downward journey into drugs and prostitution. Finally discovering that a London gang had used and abused her, he has a choice to make. Will he seek justice from the courts, or evoke his own deadly payback?

His decision will turn his whole future on its head.


Slide 7

7 Days in May

How far would you go to save your family? Marine biologist, Alex Winters, is about to find out.When a secret experiment goes terribly wrong Dawn Winters is trapped, her life is in danger and Alex is the only one who can rescue her. While Alex battles to reach her, Dawn and virologist Sheena McKenzie make their own voyage of discovery. Until Gonzalez, an American mercenary arrives to clean things up for his paymaster.

And the bodies begin to mount.


Cover 200x300

The Gastropoda Imperative

An experiment gone wrong places everyone in danger and Conal Mitchell is tasked with clearing it up. Five years later he realises that things were not as they seemed. Conal Mitchell, PA to one of the world’s richest men – Lyra Harrison, a city girl tasked with looking after her aunt’s smallholding – Piers Booth, set on revenging his mother’s death – five teenagers searching for a party.

When they meet on Flat Rock Island, it becomes a race against time for survival.


Slide Hobart

Hobart at Home

Hobart is a pugnacious, yet lovable rogue, who manipulates his long-suffering nephew into many tricky situations; including, hunting an ostrich with a smelly sock, visiting France in a home-made balloon, exploding the farm’s best cow, and shooting the world’s only homing pig. Hobart is the kind of man who you like to meet, but can’t wait to walk away from. His philosophy is: “Everything’s okay, so long as there’s plenty ‘o beer ter be drunk.” Recently, widowed, Hobart is on the look out for someone to cook, clean and tidy up for him, a point his nephew misses until it’s far too late. Hobart is a forceful character with strong views, and woe betide anyone who disagrees with him.

If you like a chuckle at people’s misfortunes – you’ll love Hobart at Home.


Slide Fire

Fire Rock

Boddaert’s Magic portrays the unending struggle between good and evil, set in a world seldom visited by man: a world dominated by magic and the moon – a domain where the Prime Mover holds the final power. The struggle to gain control of Boddaert’s Magic takes Darkburst on a long and dangerous journey to Migaro Lake, where he discovers the Circle of Claws.

How could he know that allowing the Preceptor access to this relic would destroy them all?


Slide-Tales Front Cover

Tales from the Cottage

A collection of Flash Fiction written in 2012. The eighteen stories range in style from the macabre to the heart-rending. You’ll never look at a robin, or a bat, in quiet the same light again, and for certain, you’ll check your facts before jumping from your office window.

This collection is the perfect companion with which to curl up in front of a log fire. .




A collection of fourteen micropoems paired with images from the Internet. The recent popularity of “micropoetry” to describe poems of 140 characters in length or shorter appears to stem from a separate coinage, as a portmanteau of “microblogging” and “poetry” in a notice on Identica on January 23, 2009, announcing the formation of a group for fans of poetry on that microblogging service.


Slide LoveLove Is

during the past thirty odd years with my love partner ive often pondered the meaning of love is it just electro chemical connections in the brain is loving a sibling more satisfying than loving a pet can loving a parent be the same as loving a spouse is love really more powerful than superman is love of a good wine comparable with the love of a good view will love really conquer all does love taste as nice as chocolate can love overcome hate just what the hell is love anyway im still as confused today as when i started out on lifes great adventure all i know is living life without love is like trying to read sentences without punctuation not impossible just far far harder to enjoy


Slide Hole


This collection, written between 1970 and 2004, has 33 poems on subjects as diverse as ‘ comments on building sites’ to ‘being eaten by a tiger’.




slide-burnt toast

Burnt Toast

Comical verse 2013






Slide CautionaryCautionary Tales

A collection of 25 poems with a message in mind: if you’re not careful, bad things can happen to you. The poems take a dark look at such varied subjects as picking your nose, baking bread, and touch-typing while wearing your girlfriend’s basque.

I hope you enjoy reading this collection as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Slide TwittPeter’s Twittclass

After reading a few quotes from famous people posted on Twitter, I decided to create and post some of my own. Unlike the other quotes, which were mainly serious or witty, my quotes tended to be silly and humorous, and were posted as #Twittclass items. Reading through these posts sparked some ideas for nonsense verse and so this book was born.

As the poems are short, Twittclass makes the ideal companion for those moments on the toilet when you have little else to do but stare at the wall opposite and dream what you’ll do when you win the lottery.

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